Half-handed Cloud: Halos + Lassos

Sure, Ringhofer loves Jesus, but so does George Bush and do we hold that against him? Well, technically yes. But the point is, no matter which God you

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Liz Durrett: The Mezzanine

Liz Durrett is doing what a lot of people have been doing for a long time, but her patience as a songwriter and her calculated decision to do more with little is what makes The Mezzanine phenomenal.

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John Vanderslice: Pixel Revolt

On Pixel Revolt, Vanderslice graciously straddles the bridge between songwriter and story-teller (there is a bridge, trust me), taking a J.D. Salinger meets Conor Oberst approach and layering his lyrics with dusky cellos, lightly strummed guitars, and floating beats.

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Love as Laughter: Laughter

Handclaps collide with raunchy guitars and surfboard vocals to create nothing less than a beach party for hippies, mod rockers, and emo kids wearing Chucks. Its pure Subpop.

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The Super Groovy Band: Joyride

Living in the highest hippie-per-capita part of British Columbia, this Southern Vancouver Island band seems determined to make you smile and dance, preferably at the same time.

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