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Dragonette: Terminal 5, New York, NY 05/08/2013

Currently touring in support of the recently released Bodyparts, Martina Sorbara and her band brought their talents to New York City on Wednesday night, taking Terminal 5 by storm and wasting no time at turning the venue into a dancehall.

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B List: Luke’s Five Shows In Five Weeks

There was a time in my life when five concerts in one week wasn’t all that rare. But those days are long gone and now I’ve reached a point where one show a week can be a lot to deal with on a regular basis. But I find myself especially excited about five shows I will be attending in the next five weeks.

This list also serves as proof just how spoiled someone living in NYC really is in terms of music. There really are dozens of choices on any given night and anytime you are looking to hear some great music, you can always find something. Alright, let’s get down to it…

1. Elton John – Madison Square Garden – Wednesday, March 30

Elton John has more hits than most artists have songs and he has been a longtime member on my “bucket list” of artists I need to see before they stop touring. That list also includes David Bowie and Jeff Mangum (see you in October at Town Hall). Elton had his “number” retired at MSG back in 2007 when he performed his 60th show at the venue on his 60th birthday.

Take away the good (Almost Famous) and bad (27 Dresses) Hollywood singalongs, and Elton is still one of the most prolific and productive rockers of all time. Playing his greatest hits and selections off his album with Leon Russell, this show should be well worth the somewhat steep price of admission.

READ ON for the other four show’s Luke will be hitting…

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TAB @ Terminal 5: Setlist

The Trey Anastasio Band’s Winter Tour hit New York City tonight for a one-off show at Terminal 5. Down With Disease, Camel Walk and Meatstick saw action for the first

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HT Review: Disco Biscuits @ Terminal 5 – The Show Must Go On

Disco Biscuits @ Terminal 5, December 27

Words: Carla Danca
Photos: Jeremy Gordon

In a year filled with adventures, the Disco Biscuits began their New Year’s Run this past Monday just after one of the largest blizzards in NYC history. Even with a move to Terminal 5 from the Nokia (now Best Buy) Theatre in Times Square, the real surprise of the night came in an email from the band that announced that due to a severe asthma attack, Allen Aucoin would be hospitalized and special guests would be needed to fill in behind the drum kit.

Monday night saw Mike Greenfield of Lotus fill Allen’s shoes. Greenfield had previously played with the band and luckily was available on short notice. As the house lights dimmed, Pink Floyd’s The Show Must Go On filled the room and the band took to the stage for the dedicated fans that had made the trek into the snowbank-filled city.

The first set had a few teases and prolonged jams with the second half finally finding a more cohesive groove. The segues out of Cyclone into Story of the World was the highlight of the first set. The second set started off a bit more jazzy as the quartet gained steam from the long set break. The suprise of the second set was the really great reception of the crowd to the newer Bombs, which has met a bit of fan resistance since Planet Anthem was released in March. But the song of the night was definitely Astronaut. From the transition into it from Bombs to when they brought it back around after some seriously tribal jaming, Astronaut was a holiday treat to those who figured out a way to make it in for the show. The Biscuits ended the night with a solid Caterpillar encore that was entertaining and kept the crowd moving.

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Allen Out For Biscuits’ T5 Run: Sammy, Greenfield, Deitch and Shearer In

Depending on how the next three nights go, 2010 may be known as the year the Disco Biscuits got by with a little help from their friends. Nine months after Chris Michetti and Tommy Hamilton came to the band’s rescue when current guitarist Jon “The Barber” Gutwillig broke his wrist, former drummer Dr. Sam Altman and three of the top drummers in the scene will sub for Allen Aucoin, who suffered a severe asthma attack yesterday, at the Biscuits’ Terminal 5 shows on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

When Allen Met Sammy

Lotus drummer Mike Greenfield will be behind the kit tomorrow night, Adam Deitch of Break Science and Pretty Lights and The New Deal’s Darren Shearer will share drumming duties on Tuesday, while original Disco Biscuits drummer Dr. Sam Altman will return to his former seat on Wednesday night. Allen’s doctors have cleared him to perform on December 30th and 31st at the Tower Theater. READ ON on for the statement from tDB’s website…

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A Look at My Morning Jacket’s Terminal 5 “Album Run” So Far

This week has marked a dream come true for My Morning Jacket fans as the band has not only dusted off never played before and rarely played before album tracks from each of their first three albums, but they’ve also busted out many random covers from the old days at Terminal 5.

[via @MyMorningJacket]

The action continues tonight with a performance of 2005’s Z along with assorted chestnuts from that period and the run concludes tomorrow night with a show billed as “Evil Urges and Beyond.”

We’ve compiled the setlists from the first three shows as well as links to the best videos, reviews and anything else we could find about these performances. Let’s take a gander…

Monday, October 18…

The Tennessee Fire

Set: Heartbreakin Man, They Ran, The Bear, Nashville To Kentucky, Old September Blues, If All Else Fails (live debut), It’s About Twilight Now (last played 2006), Evelyn Is Not Real, War Begun, Picture Of You (last played 2006), I Will Be There When You Die, The Dark, By My Car, Butch Cassidy, I Think I’m Going To Hell

Encore: I Just Wanted To Say (Does Christmas Fiasco Style), Rocket Man (Elton John, last played 2001), Weeks Go By Like Days (last played 2000), Tyrone (Erykah Badu), White Rabbit (The Great Society), Hot Legs (Rod Stewart, last played 2000), Lil Billy (last played 2002) [via Jambands.com]

READ ON for more on the second two nights of MMJ’s T5 run…

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