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Blips: Three Under The Radar Bands

In our never-ending quest to dig up some great bands that cost less than a corned beef sandwich at Katz’s Deli, we bring you another round of Blips. Blips highlights some great bands that are largely still in their larvae stage, but will soon morph into their beautiful butterfly. In this edition, we have some really cool new music, so take a sec, poke around their various websites, and see what you think of these three under the radar musical groups…

J. Tillman


MySpace / Label Site

Today marks a first, as we feature the solo work of a member of a band that was one of our very first Blips acts, Fleet Foxes. Known best as the the drummer for the bearded folk-rockers, J. Tillman has been steadily recording and putting out albums for the last five years, but it’s only been recently that he’s started to gain the attention he deserves. Tillman managed to put out two albums full of his hauntingly baritone vocals and sparse sleepy-folk arrangements this year with Vacilando Territory Blues and Year in the Kingdom – the latter featuring some backing vocals from his current band mates.

Tillman, who seemed to be playing at every SXSW showcase last March, has crafted a sound that doesn’t fall to far from the Nick Drake tree, and is currently providing me the perfect listen as we head deeper in the fall. J. Tillman hits the road for a cross-country headlining tour this November.


READ ON for two more unheralded Blips-worthy artists…

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