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The Colour: Between Earth & Sky

From the opener, “Can't You Hear It Call,” which borrows a riff directly from the Stones' “Brown Sugar,” merged with a heavy modern flair of The Dandy Warhols, The Colour come off a bit low in originality. But where they lack in innovation, the L.A. quintet shines in swagger and energy. With that formulaic mix, their debut – Between Earth and Sky- might have been better appreciated five years ago; a time when the rock revival thing, courtesy of The Hives, Vines and the Strokes was the “new” sound.

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Glide’s 4th Annual Best of 2006: From the Artists’ Perspective

Everyone makes their standard "best of's," top 10s" and "year in review" lists, but each December we like to take that model a couple of steps further. We go straight to the artists to see where they found inspiration over the past twelve months, and we don't stop with just album choices. We dig a bit deeper and go for a broader picture of the past year in art. From classic moments on the road to their guilty pleasure confessions, this is a panoramic snapshot of "the best of 2006," and a peek into what to expect in '07.

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