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The Coup: Sorry To Bother You

The duality of the word "party" continues to get smeared like a tube of cheap lipstick as The Coup toss another timely molotov cocktail into this most heightened year in American politics with Sorry to Bother You.

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Street Sweeper Social Club – Paper Planes

Sure, the Street Sweeper Social Club’s cover of M.I.A.’s ubiquitous hit Paper Planes may seem like its coming a couple of years too late, but the rap-rock “super group” –

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Street Sweeper Social Club – Gonna Knock You Out

The dual threat of guitarist, Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, The Nightwatchman), and rapper/emcee, Boots Riley (The Coup), have returned this summer with new Street Sweeper Social Club firepower to spark revolution.  This mighty duo provides songs that resonate on the battlefront of social injustice. Recently, Street Sweeper Social Club rapper/emcee, Boots Riley, took the time to speak with Glide about the new album among other things.

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Tour Dates: Stick A Fork In It

While Pitchfork may be known for their lengthy album reviews that usually contain so many obscure music references that make you wonder if they have a pool at the office,

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