This Warm December

Christmas w/ Brushfire: Mason Jennings

Jack Johnson and an assortment of musicians on his Brushfire Records roster pitched in to create a debut holiday album called This Warm December.

One highlight of the holiday compilation is Mason Jennings’ interesting acoustic take on Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. With his original acoustic folk, rock, and country-influenced sound, and intellectually stimulating lyrics, Jennings has successfully cultivated an incredibly loyal base of dedicated and passionate fans over the course of his musical career. Below, Mason shares his thoughts about the holiday season.

Jack Spilberg: What’s better, naughty or nice?

Mason Jennings: I’ll take Nifty. Or Knopfler. Or Knuckley. Or Nascar.

JS: Which do you prefer, real or fake Christmas trees?

MJ: If you believe it is real, it’s real. I like our real tree, same one we’ve had for 10 years.

JS: Who personifies Scrooge the most in the world today?

MJ: I would have to say I do, at least the part about him being a man and changing his ways

READ ON for more of Jack’s interview with Mason Jennings…

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