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3GM: SXSW Day 4 – No Regrets

If the average music festival is a 26.2 mile marathon, then SXSW is a 140-mile Iron Man challenge. Waking up on day four, our skin was burnt, our ankles were swollen, and our ears were bleeding. But just when it seemed like all hope was lost and we’d spend the day sleeping – one brave, grown-ass man poured a red bull into his coffee, gave a stern look across the kitchen table and said the following words:

“…Tighten. The Fuck. Up.”

And just like that we were off for the final day of SXSW.

[Kanye and friends took over SXSW 2011 with a late night concert]

Our first stop was the MOG party for TV on the Radio and Big Boi. TV’s set at Mohawk was basically the same thing we saw of their set the day before at Stubbs. But to see them in a venue like the open-air, multi-level, very limited capacity Mohawk added a great deal of excitement. The energy was fluid throughout the venue, and the band’s huge sound was even more encapsulated than usual.

[Big Boi at The Mohawk]

There was about an hour break between TV on the Radio and Big Boi, and Yuck played the indoor stage at Mohawk. Despite their hype, we decided to hold our place to see Daddy Fat Sax in action. When he came on, he and MC Black Owned C-Bone led the excited crowd in a splattering of old school Outkast tracks and newer stuff from his own solo recordings. As the late afternoon sun started to fade, the onstage dance party kept energy and spirits high.

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Three Grown Men: Santa’s iPod

December 24th is Santa’s time to shine. By mid-September he’s already done his recon and he’s ready to judge the world’s youth like a bad episode of Divorce Court. However, delivering fine handcrafted toys to seven continents worth of deserving children in one night is no easy task. He’s already switched from White Russians to 1% milk with his snickerdoodles and he’s been religious with his Jillian Michaels workout DVD.

[Note: The attached picture is a rough estimation of Santa’s route, that was apparently drawn by an inbred elf.]

There’s only one more step in preparation for his annual circumnavigation: the perfect mix. Through tactics we are neither proud of nor able to discuss, Three Grown Men was able to get a glimpse of this year’s Christmas Eve playlist. Here’s a sampling of tracks Santa will be grooving to on each leg…

First Leg: 9:00 pm – 12:00 am
by Conor Kelley

45:33 – LCD Soundsystem

A strong first track is vital to any good playlist, but especially a playlist that fuels a nine-hour long game of global hopscotch. LCD Soundsystem’s 45:33 is the perfect kickstart to Santa’s travels. The James Murphy composed opus offers, go figure, 45 minutes and 33 seconds of pulse-raising funk. Enough time to settle into the sleigh, get the feel of the reigns, and cruise from the North Pole to the Scandinavian Peninsula while keeping his head centered and his nerves on edge.

Intil – Menomena

Being good all year and earning a spot on the Nice List is every kid’s New Year’s resolution for one reason: the Christmas morning payoff. This concept is not lost on St. Nick. When the drums finally kick in on the last track from Menomena’s Mines all is right with the world. Plus, “Intil” is the perfect song to listen to while gazing at the sparse and endless Siberian landscape.

READ ON for more of the songs on Santa’s iPod and for an embedded playlist so you can hear all of these songs for yourself…

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