Technology Tuesdays: DropBox Tips & Tricks

Wow! A recent auction allowing investors to participate in a future funding round may push the valuation of DropBox to $10 Billion. Yes, with a “B”. Billion. That is phenomenal. Not too many companies can boast a market cap anywhere near that. For a tiny company with scant few employees, you’d have to assume that they are doing something right. You’d assume right. DropBox makes it extraordinarily easy to sync documents and files between computers. But what else can it do besides syncing simple items like memos, spreadsheets & pictures from one computer to the next? In this weeks Technology Tuesday we’ll look at some creative ways to use DropBox.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about DropBox. A small cross-platform program that allows you to sync files easily across any computer as well as mobile devices like Android & iPhone. The “secret sauce” of DropBox is that there is nothing to learn. Syncing is just as easy as dropping files into a folder like you are accustomed to already. Automagically, your files instantly appear on any of your connected devices. No pain. No hassle. On the off chance you have not yet tried DropBox, feel free to sign-up with this referral link (mine, thanks!) Free accounts get 2GB of storage & syncing that can be increased all the way to 8GB with referrals.

he point of this article is not an overall review of DropBox, comparisons with other syncing applications or a discussion about recent security lapses, rather it is to share some pretty cool ways that I use DropBox. While these principles may work perfectly fine on other syncing applications like Wuala, SugarSync, or Allway, I can only speak to DropBox and my two years of use. READ ON for more about ways to use DropBox…

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Technology Tuesdays: Google Music, Your Tunes in the Cloud

Last week, we discussed Subsonic, which allows you to stream music and video to any PC or Mobile Device. While Subsonic offers many features & capabilities, it is not an ideal solution for everyone. This week we’ll be examining Google Music Beta which may be a better solution for some.

So wait…why tell us about another way to listen to your music away from home?

As we pointed out last week, there are many different options to be able to access your music anywhere you want. Google Music Beta differs from Subsonic and other streaming options in that your music is uploaded and hosted by Google. If your music resides on a laptop or another machine that is not constantly on, streaming from that computer is not a viable option. Likewise, if your music is behind a firewall and you do not have the ability to open ports on a router (for example on a campus), streaming from your own computer will be an issue. READ ON for more of this week’s column…

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