Open Door

New York, a burgeoning blend of cultural arts, opens its eyes, ears and dance-club doors to Open Door

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Lotus: The Strength of Weak Ties

Evident throughout, The Strength of Weak Ties offers the listening public a more mature, well-rounded Lotus. The Philadelphian quintet ventures deep into a plethora of vibes, ranging from down-tempo driven to full funk forays. With an eclectic mixture of synthesized beats, male vocals (Steve Yutzy-Burkley guests on several tracks), quick, funky guitar and textured harmonies, the album delivers a punch that Nomad may have lacked on the whole.

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Sound Tribe Sector 9: Artifact: Perspectives

In the five years separating the recently released Artifact from their previous studio effort, STS9 has toured and performed with Tortoise, drum & bass guru LTJ Bukem and beat alchemists like Telefon Tel Aviv and Karsh Kale among others, and they

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Dub Gabriel: Bass Jihad

Like Bill Laswell, whose Material project served as an early inspiration, Dub Gabriel makes trance music in the most traditional sense.

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DJ Spooky and Dave Lombardo : Drums of Death

DJ Spooky is no stranger to experimentalism or pushing the boundaries
of genre. Drums of Death creates a successful fusion of diverse
styles, a risky proposition which lives up to his ambition to create a
“rhythm dialog, building bridges between styles.”

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Jam On The River – feat. Soulive, New Deal, Disco Biscuits

Photos by Joe Adler of Jam On The River feat. Soulive, New Deal, Disco Biscuits and others at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, PA on 5.28.05

Joe Adler is a musician based out of Burlington, Vermont. He performs regularly around the Burlington area with his band The Joe Adler Acoustic Project.

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Moby: Hotel

With his stay at the Hotel, Moby returns to the varied styles and tempos found on Play. But he packs his bags a little lighter by eschewing his signature samples that were central choral elements in his previous two outings, opting to take the mic himself.

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Fischerspooner : Odyssey

Somewhere between The Chemical Brothers and the Pet Shop Boys, Fischerspooner interweave themselves within the Williamsburg art scene with robotic art-pop and ironic techno-melodrama.

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