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Last Week’s Sauce: February 8th – 14th

This week’s edition of Last Week’s Sauce is being brought to you by the lovely city of Chicago. Three of the area’s best bands are represented in the categories of: Alt-Country, Post-Rock, and Jamband. And one of the groups covered the other on Valentine’s Day, you can probably guess which one.

jesse (300 x 402)

[Thanks to Jesse Hurlburt for this week’s photo]

Artist & Title: Furthur – Unbroken Chain
Date & Venue: 2010-02-14 Barton Hall – Cornell U., Ithaca NY
Taper & Show Download: Tim Burke

Furthur dropped this 15+ minute rendition of Unbroken Chain at Cornell’s Barton Hall, a room steeped in Grateful Dead history. The Grateful Dead scene continues to have the most tapers of any band, look through the Live Music Archive and you’ll see multiple sources for basically every show. Furthur plays tonight at Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo NY.


Video of a great Morning Dew, also from Barton Hall:

READ ON to stream the rest of this week’s selections…

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