The Number Line: Phish Summer Tour Pt. 2

Our first list of Phish Summer Tour stats was so popular that we figured we’d share some more statistics from the recently completed tour…

[Photo by Adam Kaufman]

143 – Total Number of Songs Played First Leg
139 – Total Number of Songs Played 2nd Leg
38 – Songs Played Leg I But Not Leg 2 (MSO, Nothing, Sand, Scent, CurtisLoew, Connection, TMWSIY, Walk Away, Timber, WhenTheCactus, Wading, ASIHTOS, Bug, Frankenstein, HelloMaBaby, Julius, Lizards, Anthem, Twist, Avenu, Aof1, Bike, Bobby Jean, Brother, Buried, Contact, DogFaced, FEFY, Fire, Frankie, FBitch, GloryDays, IfICould, Lengthwise, McGrupp, Meatstick, Mustang Sally)
36 – Total Number of Covers Played
34 – Songs Played Leg II But Not Leg I (BoaBH, Esther, MofR, O!SNuthin, CWith, AnyButMe, Axilla, BBreathes, Bittersweet, Carini, CTB, Catapult, Forbins, Crowd Control, Dinner and A Movie, Drums, FFMockingbird, HaHaHa, Harpua, IBAround, IKissedAGirl, Icculus, It’s Ice, Llama, Mound, Party Time, Paul and Silas, Pebbles and Marbles, Psycho Killer, Roses, Sally, Mango, Sloth, WindyCity) READ ON for more stats from Phish Summer Tour 2009…

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