28 Years Ago Today – Dire Straits Breaks Up (For First Time) – Watch “Romeo & Juliet” With Clapton Live ’88

28 years ago today (9/15/88), Dire Straits announced they will be breaking up for the first time, which was announced by front-man and guitar hero Mark Knopfler. Three years prior the band hit the big time with their Brothers in Arm LP, which rang up some mighty hits that included “Money for Nothing” and “Walk of Life” and selling 30 million copies. All the hoopla did the band in and they called it quits, but would reform in 1991 for On Every Street for one last go-around. Knopfler of course has since gone onto a stellar solo career with a number of well received albums and continues to sell out theaters world wide. Check out Dire Straits with Eric Clapton perform “Romeo & Juliet” live in 1988 at the old Wembley Stadium.

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