Happy 60th Birthday Joan Osborne (Watch “Shake Your Hips”)

photo by Jeff Fasano

Happy 60th birthday today to singer/songwriter and all-around powerhouse vocalist Joan Osborne (born 7/8/62). Osborne became an IT girl of the new strong yet feminine singer-songwriter community. Her debut album, Relish, soared, heavily rotating on MTV, snatching up Grammy nominations and earning her a co-headlining slot on 1997’s Lilith Fair. With fame in the palm of her hand, although that was never really her goal, she has been able to sing, write and perform with some of her musical idols – The surviving Grateful Dead members in 2003’s “The Dead” tour, Bob Dylan and Mavis Staples among them – and record numerous studio albums. Check out Osborne and her smoky vocals take on Sim Harpo’s “Shake You Hips.”

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