Ten Years Ago Today – Adam Yauch (MCA) of The Beastie Boys Dies at 47

Ten years ago today (5/4/12), Adam Yauch (MCA) of The Beastie Boys died at the too-young age of 47 from cancer. Yauch with his gravelly vocals made for a distinct voice in the definitive hip-hop trio and also sported impressive chops as a bassist. But more importantly, Yauch was a true humanitarian and worked on behalf of Tibetan independence and organized several benefit concerts to support the cause, including the Tibetan Freedom Concert. While each Beastie Boys album still sounds relevant today, the musical contributions of The Beastie Boys as trio are unsurpassed still today. Im honor of MCA lets watch The Beastie Boys on the Hello Nasty tour on 6/20/98 in Germany…

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