The Return of The Postal Service Is Nigh

In the early ’00s, Death Cab For Cutie front man Ben Gibbard teamed up with producer Jimmy Tamborello to form a project called The Postal Service whose output is highlighted by a much-revered 2003 album called Give Up that featured the amazing tunes Such Great Heights and The District Sleeps Tonight. The pair would work independently with Tamborello sending electro-tinged tracks to Gibbard via the U.S. Postal Service (hence the name) for Ben to add his creative input and vocals on resulting in a sound so different from anything either man has released before or since.

Ever since Gibbard and Tamborello went their separate ways following a 2003, there have been rumors about The Postal Service reuniting. Today, nearly 10 years after the release of Give Up and the band’s lone tone, The Postal Service appears to be back.

The band’s website has been updated with a graphic that says “The Postal Service 2013” with no further details available. Earlier this month Brooklyn Vegan hinted at a Postal Service reunion with a similarly detail-less post that was tagged with “Coachella” leading us to think the duo will perform at Indio this spring. We’ll keep you posted as soon as more details are made available.

UPDATE: Thanks to our friends at CoS, we came across a Billboard article on the return of The Postal Service that explains a bit more about what this reunion will entail. The Postal Service will appear at Coachella this spring, will reissue Give Up and are expected to play more headlining gigs and festivals.

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