New Prince Single ROCKS: Check Out Screwdriver

Legendary performer Prince has recently launched a new website at that he’s loading up with fresh content slowly but surely. There are nine spaces on the site that almost seems like an Advent Calendar of sorts and so far three of the boxes have been filled.

One of the boxes features links to the new album by The Purple One’s latest protege, Andy Allo. Another box contains a trailer for what appears to be an official release of Prince’s performance at the 2009 Montreux Jazz Festival, while the third is a lyric video for his new single Screwdriver. Screwdriver has a rock edge we haven’t heard from Prince in quite some time and shows he’s still capable of producing and recording killer tracks. Check it out…

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  1. This is great! Mindless fun from the Purple One. Rolling Stones-y with a dash of surf guitar, newer Strokes, Joe Walsh, and Motley Crue tongue-in-cheek wit and its a hit. It’s like he told his crack-team of pros in the studio, “Lets come up with a silly rock record to mess with people”. And he is talented enough to completely pull it off. I could see Mick peacocking around the stage while Charlie Watts holds it down.

    One of the only legends still trying to put out fun new work. It’s in my rotation.


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