Bedouin Soundclash: Street Gospels


Reggae is the primary ingredient of Street Gospels, but by no means the only one.  With punk running generally under the covers and surfacing occasionally on tracks like "Walls Fall Down" and even more so on "Gunships," soul is more overt.  Soulful vocals, especially in the harmonies, roots each song without exception in something genuine, so much so that the album doesn’t miss a beat on the a capella "Hush.’

The opening track, "Until We Burn in the Sun," does more than dabble in dance with its reggae-tinged Madchester sound.  It’s an exciting start before the album settles into a solid reggae groove.  Street Gospels strays into dub occasionally, most notably on "Jealousy and the Get Free" and "Midnight Rockers.”  With all of its elements, the mood doesn’t meander, as its course is steady, even as the sound varies; that might be Street Gospel’s best case for greatness.

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