August 16, 2007

Goodnight, Max Roach

Famed jazz drummer Max Roach died today at the age of 83. While many eulogies and obituaries will call him a founder of modern jazz and a master percussionist, we

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The B List: Remembering The King

Elvis Presley died at his home in Memphis, Tennessee 30 years ago today. Not altogether unusual when you consider reports that “his doctor had prescribed him 5,684 narcotic and amphetamine pills in the previous seven months.” Elvis was one of the pioneers of rock n’ roll, and his legacy is still heard in the music as well as the party habits of artists performing today.

Today we’d like to honor the King with a B List of Elvis-related YouTubes. Read on after the jump for our 10 favorite videos…

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MP3 Boot Camp: Whole Lolla Boots (& More)

Largehearted Boy always does a nice job of rounding up MP3 and FLAC downloads for all the major festivals. Check out recordings of Amy Winehouse, Interpol, Ben Harper, Pearl Jam

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An Onslaught of Letters: A SXSW DVD

Here’s a fun who-knew fact we never would have guessed: The annual South by Southwest festival now brings in more revenue for the Tejas capital than either Austin City Limits

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Bedouin Soundclash: Street Gospels

Reggae is the primary ingredient of Street Gospels, but by no means the only one.  With punk running generally under the covers and surfacing occasionally on tracks like "Walls Fall Down" and even more so on "Gunships," soul is more overt.  Soulful vocals, especially in the harmonies, roots each song without exception in something genuine, so much so that the album doesn't miss a beat on the a capella "Hush."  In fact, the song is essential to Street Gospel’s flow.  

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The Black Crowes: Central Park Summerstage, New York, NY – 8/9/07

Much has changed for the Black Crowes since I last reviewed them for Glide during the first and last shows of their reunion run at Hammerstein Ballroom two years ago.  After reassembling their classic mid-90s lineup (by adding drummer Steve Gorman) during their subsequent homecoming stand in Atlanta, drugs and egos seemingly reared their ugly heads again.

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