God Street Wine Closes Out First Rambles of 2013 With Phil Lesh and Friends at Terrapin Crossroads

Four years ago today we launched our recurring God Street Wednesdays column with the title of “Bring Back God Street Wine” begging for the band’s return after ten years of retirement. It’s been unbelievable that since the launch of the column the original members of the group have played a total of seventeen shows and performed with the likes of Leo Nocentelli, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh. The last of these performances took place last night at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, Calif. where GSW and Phil and Friends finished a three-night stand of West Coast Rambles.

[Photo by Michael Weiss]

As had been the case on previous nights, God Street Wine opened with a short set before Lesh teamed up with members of GSW, John Kadlecik and Jeff Chimenti for an additional two sets. God Street brought out Kadlecik for Fortress of Solitude during their seven-song set. Lesh, Chimenti, Kadlecik and GSW’s Tom Osander, Aaron Maxwell, Jason Crosby and Lo Faber – as well as Jon Bevo on occasion – stuck to classics from the Dead’s repertoire for the majority of the show with a few exceptions. In the second set, the ensemble covered Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who which GSW covered last summer. For the encore, the group dusted off I Am The Walrus which Phil performed with The “Q” last April.

We’ve compiled a few tracks from last night for your streaming pleasure. Thanks to Quinfolk of the PhilZone community for the captures. Check out Epilog from GSW’s opening set, Aaron Maxwell singing Sugaree and Lo Faber leading I Am The Walrus…


Set One (God Street Wine): Epilog, Mile By Mile, Cheap Utah Blues, Fortress of Solitude (w/ John Kadlecik) > Other Shore > Lighthouse, Imogene

Set Two (Lesh, Chimenti, Kadlecik, Faber, Maxwell, Osander and Crosby on keys except where noted): Alabama Getaway (JK), Althea (LF) %$, Brown-Eyed Women (JK) %#, Mama Tried (LF) %$, Ramble On Rose (JK) $, High Time (LF) $, Sugaree (AM)

Set Three (Lesh, Chimenti, Kadlecik, Faber, Maxwell, Osander and Crosby on keys except where noted): Bertha (JK), Don’t Ease Me In (JK) $, Jack Straw (LF) $, Shakedown Street (JK), New Speedway Boogie (AM) $, Wharf Rat (JK) $, St. Stephen (JK, PL, AM), Won’t Get Fooled Again (LF) > % Going Down the Road Feeling Bad (JK, PL, AM) $%

Donor Rap

Encore : I am the Walrus (LF) %$

$ Jason Crosby on fiddle
% with Jon Bevo – keyboards
# no Jason Crosby

[via Judit on PhilZone]

There are no future dates currently scheduled for God Street Wine.

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