Audio: Medeski, Martin & Wood w/ Nels Cline @ Blue Note

Back in December, avant-groovers Medeski, Martin and Wood played a residency at NYC’s famed Blue Note club and welcomed some of their musical friends for guest spots during the run. One of these friends was Wilco guitarist Nels Cline who fit the trio’s music perfectly on December 12.

[Photo via MMW Facebook Page]

HT’s Chad Berndtson reviewed the gig and had us salivating to hear it…

Next to these swirling personalities, Nels Cline slipped in seamlessly. He’s a cerebral player, but with a flair for the dramatic, hitting the middle of the acid-jazz/melodious noise Venn diagram with a bit of post-rock thrown in, too. He’ll play guitar like he’s wrangling an electric eel; it’s shocking him as he’s trying to control it, jerking and weaving. When he’s really laying in, the man isn’t so much playing the guitar as the other way around, and otherworldly noises — often, but not always, his signature tremolo effect — rip through the musical fabric. Another band would want to give a player like that more room to do his thing. MMW made him put it in their context, and in turn let themselves get jerked and weaved a bit, too.

Well, audio has surfaced of MMW + C’s second set thanks to samsamsamsam on SoundCloud. You can stream the quartet’s performance through these two embeds…

[Hat Tip – @guyforgetOPT]

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