Camp Bisco VI: Indian Lookout Country Club, Mariaville, NY – 8/16-18

The initial scene was a bit of a shock, as bikers rummaged through hippie and Bisconaut’s cars, combing for glass bottles and anything else on the "do not bring" list.  But, after you realized that nothing keeps people in line more than the threat of a biker beating, things ran flawlessly.
The bikers who ran the Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville made the experience for everyone involved.  “Our scene may have some problems,” a staff member said as he rode by on his golf cart, “but we’re meeting them head on…with badass fucking bikers, and I think we’ve had a 99% satisfaction rate.”
So onto the shows. 

With one of the best line-ups to date, each day had a slew of quality shows to watch, and contrary to most summer festivals, the traditional noodle shit was kept to a minimal.  Thursday had Umphrey’s McGee warming the crowd up with a monster “Nothing Too Fancy” opener, and an exploratory “Push The Pig” that frothed the set, along with the preceding “Wizard Burial Ground.”
The Biscuits were up next and played a loose set, not stretching out too much, just asserting their presence at their own festival.  “Bernstein & Chasnoff” opened the shortest set of the weekend’s seven, and a mediocre fizzling ending to “Hot Air Balloon” capped things off. 
Infected Mushroom came out shy of midnight on the mainstage and ran a hard, loud, repetitive dance party. The lights pulsed and intense electronic drums and rocket guitar fueled the set.  As a perfect contrast to the intensity and repetition of Infected Mushroom, Telepath on the side stage closed out the first night beautifully.  Down-tempo and a little ambient, Telepath’s bass, keyboard and drums were a great way to wind down the night, providing one of the most unique sets all weekend.
The Adam Deitch Project opened up festivities on Friday with some reggae echoing through the camp, and a dub style version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Manic Depression.”  Simon Posford’s tardiness led to a mid-day Biscuits set making for three on the day for Friday.  Legend Slick Rick was fun, but it was apparent he was having a little laugh through his set.  STS9’s PA set was a pleasant surprise as it was a hybrid between laptops and instruments and the drumming of Zach Velmer was on point
Hallucinogen In Dub was a cold, rain spattered, wind drenched set, but by the time the Biscuits were up the rain had slowed slightly, leaving a cold breeze rolling through.  After a Shpongle set break, the third Biscuits set of the day was the best of the weekend.  A monstrous “Spacebirdmatingcall” and the “Reactor>Orch Theme>Reactor” was full bore, as Velmer and Posford joined on “Orch Theme.” But it was the Biscuits churning and bringing it home in the segue back into “Reactor” that made for the high point, as the freezing field turned into a industrial, fiery dance party.
The Juan McLean disappointed a lot of people with a mediocre and quiet late night set, plagued by sound problems.  But Future Rock, playing Daft Punk, was a bit more upbeat and they tore through the French electronic classics finishing up around 4am.

To start Saturday, The Breakfast’s Tim Palmieri roared through the campgrounds, while both Lyrics Born and STS9 were a bit of a let down, the latter set repetitive and uninspired.  On the side stage, Girl Talk was ADD fun.  Every four seconds it’s a new song you could sing in your sleep, it’s fast and has a short shelf life, but it sure is fun.

The last Biscuits sets of the weekend were another fun one, despite the constant cold.  Highlights of the final two sets were an “Astronaut” book ending an inverted “Munchkin Invasion.”  Two guests joined again, Tom Hamilton from Brothers Past for Muse’s “Take A Bow” and Johnny Rabb of BioDiesel, for “Pilin’ It High.” 

For the final late night sets, a switch had The Join (members of The New Deal and Brothers Past) go on early, swapping sets with Psylab. 
All the music aside, Camp Bisco IV was a success even if you weren’t at a show.  You could jump into the always interesting Color Wars, or “The Magner Off,” where teams did their best impersonation of the Biscuits’ keyboardist, with none other than guest judge Aaron Magner.  Magner also treated the teams with his own self-impersonation. 

And of course, the bikers were gracious hosts, adding the perfect level of safety and hovering terror throughout Indian Lookout Country Club.

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