The Show Must Go On: Drummer Scott Devours Saves The Who’s Quadrophenia Concert in San Diego

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What is it about California that leads The Who to need to recruit drummers named Scott to save their shows? You may recall that back in 1973 The Who were famously forced to use a young drummer pulled from the crowd named Scott Halpin at the Cow Palace in Daly City after Keith Moon was “incapacitated.” Well last night in San Diego The Who were forced to call upon the services of drummer Scott Devours for the latest show of their Quadrophenia and More Tour when current drummer Zak Starkey was unable to perform due to a tendon issue.

Who fans that were in attendance last night are raving about Devours’ work at the View Valley Casino Center and from the looks of the videos it’s clear Scott did a fantastic job. Unbelievably, Devours only had one run through of the complex material before showtime and none for the “greatest hits” encore. Devours did have experience performing the songs of The Who as the drummer in Roger Daltrey’s solo band, but not with the majority of the Quadrophenia material. The Who were lucky Starkey was unable to play a Southern California area gig as Devours lives in nearby Long Beach. “Quadrophenia’s not an easy piece,” said Roger Daltrey on The Who’s website. “To do what Scotty did took real guts.”

The Who member Simon Townshend weighed in on Devours’ performance…

The Who are supposed to play JOBING.COM Arena in Phoenix tonight. No word yet on which drummer will perform with the band.

Take a look at a few videos of Devours crushing it with The Who…

 I Am The Sea and The Real Me

Bell Boy

Quadrophenia, Cut My Hair and The Punk and the Godfather


Dr. Jimmy

[Hat Tip – Sammy Saltzman]

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8 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On: Drummer Scott Devours Saves The Who’s Quadrophenia Concert in San Diego

  1. aaron owens Reply

    i was lucky enough to be there last night and the show was amazing. Scott Devours performance was perfect.

  2. Bob Sasseen Reply

    Kudos for writing about this, and many thanks for posting the videos to remember the concert by. Scott D did a fantastic job in a great show. Funny that his last name is off by one letter from The Who’s original name, The Detours!

  3. juan Reply

    Kudos to Scott. He did a magnificent job.

  4. SaunieInDiego Reply

    I saw the show, and although Pete said he’d be able to tell it was a “substitute” drummer, he gave Scott high praise, which was well deserved. Bravo Scott!

  5. Janice Joplin fan Reply

    He was just simply amazing. Scott, the drummer, woke up that morning thinking this was going to be a normal day, and look at how it ended for him. Everything happens for a reason!!!!!

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