JamCam Chronicles: Season 2, Set 5: Jamm in Jamaica


JamCam Chronicles: Jamm in Jamaica captures the vacation vibe a little too well.  While the introductions and interview snippets feature the tropical flavors of the getaway festival, some of the production is lackadaisical.  Vince Herman and Friends’ rotunda performance, though portraying the paradise beach at night with warm weather cocktails, has incomplete sound (you can only hear Herman) and camera work.  Perhaps the casual recording purposefully reflects the impromptu, intimate gathering, but it doesn’t translate. 

The videography gets better beginning with the Big Wu’s “Black Rain” and Hot Buttered Rum’s bluegrass “Fox”>”Spider”>”Fox,” mostly due to their sets taking place on a stage with colored lighting.  The sound is clearer as well, but still did not make up for the cheesy, paint-program-made graphics.

The staff did a good job of choosing particularly passionate and well-played songs with jamming moments, however.  Matt Butler’s Everyone Orchestra featured two segments with Jeb Puryear (Donna the Buffalo), Vince Herman, members of ekoostik hookah, and Andy Goessling (Railroad Earth) to name a few.  Butler stands in front of the many musicians, writing ideas and calls on a dry erase board, conducting, loosely directing the talented musicians (and some of the crowd).  So, overlooking the nitpicky points about graphics and the production, JamCam’s Jamm in Jamaica is a great escape.

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