Full Show Friday: We Miss You RANA – 2002 Live Show

Take a dash of Talking Heads, a smidge of Ween and add parts Phish, The Clash and Led Zeppelin along with a heroic dose of their own original sound and you get an approximation of what RANA brought to the table. The New Jersey based quartet featured guitarist Scott Metzger, bassist Andrew Southern, drummer Ryan Thornton and keyboardist Matt Trowbridge. RANA cut their teeth at clubs like NYC’s famed Wetlands Preserve in the early ’00s before sadly calling it a day towards the middle of that decade. The rockers have played a few shows since, but it’s been a while since our last dose of RANA.

There’s not much RANA on YouTube except for a full show from 2002, so we wanted to devote a Full Show Friday column to the hard-working band who never received the level of success they deserved. Here’s the group’s record release party for Here In The USA filmed at CBGB’s on June 14th, 2002…

Playlist: RANA – June 14, 2002

RANA @ CBGB, New York, NY 6/14/02

Good Book, Remember My Address, Not So Mopso, Skin and Bone, Ghetto Queen*, My One Dear Son, Sad and Lonesome, For Some Time, Carbombed Again, I’m Not Orfeo, It’s So Hard (Believe Me), Loves It Automatic, I’m Comin’ Correct, Bye Bye Love**, Bought and Sold***, Tampa in the Rain***, I Wanna Rock****, Buy Sell or Break***, Eggo, Ivy***, Ring in the Sand

Encore: Whenever You Can, Modern Day Cowboy, Baby’s Got a New Bike, This Machine

* – the rap section was “Hot in Here” (Nelly)
** – Cars cover, first time played
*** – new originals, first time played. Titles confirmed by Andrew.
**** – dedicated to Durant’s father
(setlist by Dr. Erik Swain)

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  1. Thanks for this. Saw Rana a few times a decade ago and still listen to them often, but hadn’t come across this vid.

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