Ask Mike Anything: Phish Bassist Responding To Tweets

You may have noticed that Phish bassist Mike Gordon has been responding to tweets from fans on Twitter with his typical dry humor over the last few months. Mike’s short and witty answers are reminiscent of his responses in the “Letters” section of Phish’s Doniac Schvice newsletters.

[Photo by Julia Mordaunt]

We’ve highlighted a few of Mike’s responses

When asked about his favorite Phish song:

Responding to fan who appreciated his solo band’s version of Mound:

When asked the status of his solo band:

When asked his favorite time signature to play in:

When asked if he remembered a fan who was running as fast as they could to shake his hand at Alpine:

When asked if he knows any Metallica:

When asked why there’s no more “second jam” in Mike’s Song anymore:

When asked whether he listens to his own music:

When asked if he’s ever eaten possum:

When asked whether he’d play Access Me at the New Year’s Run:

When asked what strings he uses:

When asked why he uses hand signals on stage:

When asked whether he could feel MSG swaying during the New Years Run:

When asked the date of his interview for the Wetlands Preserved documentary:

In a sweet moment, Mike gives props to his mother:

So shoot Mike a tweet and ask him anything you want. Maybe he’ll respond. Either way, we’re glad to see at least one member of Phish embrace Twitter and converse with fans.

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  1. @angryblogofphog: @mike_gordon @YEMblog @phish this is my annual reply of you are both pussies, and that song sucks.

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