Expect New Songs @ Allman Brothers Band Beacon Run

In just over a week, on March 1st, jam stalwarts the Allman Brothers Band will kick off their traditional March Madness run at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. This year’s run will include 11 shows between March 1 and March 17. The 2013 run will probably include something that many past March Madness residencies haven’t – new songs written by Gregg Allman.

[Photo by Rob Chapman]

ABB drummer Butch Trucks revealed the news in a new Jambands.com feature put together by Mike Greenhaus. You might recall that Gregg was in bad shape when last year’s run ended, so the new material is a good sign that Allman is ready for action this time around.

Here’s Butch’s response when asked about what fans can expect at this year’s run…

I know that Gregg is in the best shape he’s probably been in for decades. He’s finally got his liver squared away—all the medications are balanced out, he’s getting his strength back and, along with that, his motivation to write songs. The word is that he’s got a bunch of new songs ready to go, and that right there in itself is something we haven’t had in a few years. So I’m really looking forward to the run—we leave on Wednesday [February 20] to go and rehearse, and I’m really looking forward to going there and seeing what Gregg’s got in the can. I am excited about what he’s put together for the Beacon that’s new and that people haven’t heard before.

Trucks also revealed that the Allman Brothers have a tour booked for August/September and are “putting something together for November.” Butch also discusses his Moogis webcasting company, the Roots Rock Revival workshop and other topics in the wide-ranging interview.

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