Full Show Friday: Ween Visits Mississippi – 2007

One of the many reasons Ween ruled was that they let audience members freely videotape their shows. While many acts allow audiotaping, only a handful allow videotaping and Ween was one of them. This led fans to organize themselves in filming many gigs with multiple cameras and then editing the resulting footage into what would often be killer DVDs/Blu-Rays. Many of these vids are available for download through the Brown Tracker.

For today’s Full Show Friday selection we’re going with a classic Ween show from May 3rd, 2007 at The Library in Oxford, Mississippi. The gig was shot by three members of the JimboFilmsInc. crew and lovingly edited together. Ween reels off some of their best-known songs such as Voodoo Lady, Push Th’ Little Daisies and Piss Up A Rope as well as a few rarities such as Gabrielle and Poopship Destroyers. The footage looks amazing and it features audio dubbed in by a taper. Take a look…

Set: Take Me Away, The Grobe, Transdermal Celebration, Wavin’ My Dick in the Wind, Richard Smoker, Bananas and Blow, Voodoo Lady, Your Party, Buckingham Green, Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brian, Big Jilm, Woman & Man, Gabrielle, Touch My Tooter, Never Squeal, The Final Alarm, Spinal Meningitis, The Mollusk, Push the Little Daises, Zoloft, Baby Bitch, Stay Forever, Piss Up a Rope, Booze Me Up and Get Me High, Fiesta, Johnny on the Spot, Ocean Man, Up on the Hill, Fluffy

Encore: Poopship Destroyer -> Someday

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  1. wow scott a blast fro0m my past. wanted to give kudos and a shout out to jered haddad for the schoeps audio (hes the master!) and his beloved Lisa Hunkele Blust on the gener cam (i was on deaner cam). it was a pleasure to edit this! we were together recently abd revisited this classic night. one of if not our favorite night of ween!! thanks for the post


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