Junior Senior: Hey Hey My My Yo Yo

This Danish duo Junior Senior create a pop nightmare on Hey Hey My My Yo Yo incorporating such an outlandish attempt at sugary disc, they make The Scissor Sisters sound like Christian Rock. Hard to believe this effort was partly recorded at Muscle Shoals Studios, as the only soul on it is the soul searching you’ll do if you listen to this more than once.

It’s one "sunny" light-footed peppy number after another, where guest appearances from members of the B-52’s and The Velvelettes can’t save this party.  And is the respected Spooner Oldham out of his mind for sitting in on “I Like Music?”  Things get especially ugly with “We R the Handclaps,” where you’d expect to see a disco duck playing slap ass with a shirtless policeman if they made a video for it. Sure there is ‘60s pop, 70s funk and `80s hip-hop splattered throughout Hey Hey  My My Yo Yo, but then again so does a junior high musical. 

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