Articles by: Shane Handler

‘Star Wars:The Last Jedi’ Influences Big Bets & Big Money

Whatever else Star Wars means—culturally, personally, cinematically—it also means money. Big money. The phenomenon of Star Wars leads to the kind of rabid fanaticism that translates into piles of money at the box office. Even ...

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Sounding Arrow is the first solo project from Scott Kinnebrew, singer and lead guitarist of roots rockers Truth & Salvage Co., and former ringleader of Smoky Mountain indie faves Scrappy Hamilton. Sounding Arrow’s new album Loving Is Breathing was released on September ...

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Deer Tick’s John McCauley Gives The Lowdown On New LPS Volume 1 & 2 (INTERVIEW)

Great songs might be hard to write for some, but for John McCauley and Deer Ticks quantity vs quality has never been an issue. The Providence, Rhode Island quartet might be New England’s most essential ...

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SONG PREMIERE/INTERVIEW: Robbery Inc. Brings Meaty Guitar Riffs & Solos On ‘Skin’

Robb Torres may be best known for his time with the platinum rockers Trapt, but with Robbery Inc., but he’s working on something decidedly more soulful and personal: Robbery Inc. Rounded out by Jonah Wei-Haas ...

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YES, Todd Rundgren, Carl Palmer’s ELP Experience Deliver High Notes During YESTIVAL In Phoenix (SHOW REVIEW)

YES certainly isn’t the first band to continue on without all their original members. Name any group formed prior to 1990, and aside from U2, there’s very few that still remain. But with a song ...

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SONG PREMIERE/INTERVIEW: decker. Puts Daring Singular Stamp on “I Wanna Be Your Dog”

Led by the unique voice and creative mind of Brandon Decker, decker. is gearing up to release his latest album, Into the Red, on August 25th, 2017 via the Royal Potato Family decker. Into the Red gathers some of the finest moments ...

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ALBUM PREMIERE/INTERVIEW: Eli Cook’s ‘High Dollar Gospel’ Catches Fire & Respects The Traditions

Eli Cook is surely not the first blues singer to evoke legends past and present in his respected genre, but he’s probably one of the few to be guided by a genuine pull of authentic ...

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Andrew St. James Makes One of 2017’s Finest With ‘The Big Ole Veronica Apology Record’ (INTERVIEW)

San Francisco based artist Andrew St. James’ The Big Ole Veronica Apology Record – released on June 16th, 2017 via Island Jar Records -might very well be one of the best albums of 2017 you haven’t heard yet. ...

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The Daybreaks Shine Lustrously With ‘Find Me at The End of the World’ LP (INTERVIEW)

The Daybreaks are a Nashville-based indie band that takes the electric nuances of Blondie and Garbage and adding a modern flair of poignancy. Fonded in 2015 by Kaleb Jones, Heather Bond and Bobby Holland, later ...

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The Magpie Salute Goes Bigger & Bolder – A Conversation With Vocalist John Hogg (INTERVIEW)

Although Rich Robinson is best known as the former co-founder and guitarist of The Black Crowes, he’s been more prolific as a solo artist the past 15 years (four solo albums), versus the two original ...

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