Articles by: Shane Handler

Wire Plays Whatever They Want (Mostly New) at Phoenix’s Crescent Ballroom (SHOW REVIEW)

In a perfect world, Wire should need no introduction. But as punk’s defining cult band, they certainly have never received the widespread notoriety and acclaimed they are due. Perhaps it’s because they’ve essentially become three ...

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McDowell Mountain Music Festival Makes For Perfect Surroundings… Again (SHOW REVIEW)

The McDowell Mountain Music Festival has come a long way in its 14 years. What was primarily a roots and jam festival early on has now blossomed into a mini Bonnaroo of sorts with three ...

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Sarah Bethe Nelson Shares Formula Behind Stellar New LP ‘Oh, Evolution’ (INTERVIEW)

Most avid music listeners will have this recurring dilemma. An artist playing sounds so familiar that one can’t quite fathom if and when those ears had even heard it prior. That Sarah Bethe Nelson sounds ...

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Lotus Kicks Off Winter Tour With Aplomb (INTERVIEW)

Going on 18 Years, Lotus has evolved with more proficiency than most bands within the instrumental improvisational scene. Most importantly, the band has gradually built its fan base strong,  where today its live shows continue ...

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Exclusive Stream: Donnie Biggins’ Under the Radar Classic ‘Profiles’ (INTERVIEW)

Donnie Biggins, leader of Chicago’s The Shams Band and owner/promoter/head of Tonic Room, Harmonica Dunn and the annual Dunn Dunn Fest, will be dropping his solo debut, Profiles, on Tuesday, Nov 29. He will be celebrating the ...

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Bruce Hornsby Plays Tribute To Leon Russell & Rouses On Piano Via Solo Arizona Performance (SHOW REVIEW)

“If people see me as the godfather of indie rock, than I’m ok with that: clearly I’m not,” said a self deprecating Bruce Hornsby midway through his solo performance on Friday November 18th at the ...

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ALBUM PREMIERE: Gramps The Vamp Hits Heavy With ‘The Cave of 10,000 Eyes’

Upon forming at a Halloween house party debut in 2011, the Chicago 7 (sometimes 8 or 9) piece Gramps The Vamp has been carving out its own niche of orchestrated funk workouts. In 2014, a ...

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Scott Tournet Stirs The Pot With Elektric Vodoo (INTERVIEW)

Scott Tournet has recently let his hair down again: in more than one way. After 13 years with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals as a founding member and lead guitarist, Tournet is now exploring a ...

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St. Paul and The Broken Bones Bring The “Hits” To Phoenix (SHOW REVIEW)

“We call this the greatest hits part of the show, even though we only have two albums,” stated a sweaty Paul Janeway halfway through his sold out show on September 15th at Crescent Ballroom in ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Don Gallardo Hits All the Right Notes With “When The World Wakes Up” off ‘Hickory’ Due 7/22

Don Gallardo’s new album Hickory might sound a tad familiar if you appreciate the good stuff- the stand by artists and albums that never let you down: Wilco, Beatles, The Band, Neil Young, Bob Dylan. ...

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