More Details Emerge on New Page McConnell Album

UPDATE 3/4 11:30AM: Page has officially announced the release of Unsung Cities and Movies Never Made. Everything we’ve reported below is included in the announcement along with the fact that the LP was recorded at The Barn in December 2009.

Earlier today we told you about Wax Poetic’s report that not only will Phish issue Lawn Boy but that Page McConnell will issue a new LP called Unsung Cities and Movies Never Made for Record Store Day 2013. Now, we’ve got more details about the Phish keyboardist’s new album.

According to Shawn from our friends at Wax Vinyl, the new album will contain 10 tracks that are instrumental soundtracks for movies not yet made. Here’s the tracklisting and description written by McConnell from the promotional materials for the Record Store Day release of the LP…

1) Arbor Day
2) Ava Green
3) Late Edition
4) Yakima
5) Marfa
6) Barre
7) Candlestick
8) Altoona
9) Soul Etude
10) The Lemon Drop

“Movies never made, well, at least not yet.  A series of Soundtracks, maybe….can a soundtrack exist without a film?  Okay, future soundtracks, soundtracks-in-waiting, potential scores searching for a script.  In the meantime, hopefully the listener might develop their own plot lines and imagine a storyboard:  Soul Etude, a period piece; The Lemon Drop, A Psychedelic Coming of Age Film; Late Edition, A spaghetti-western; Candlestick, A murder-mystery (possibly an independent Canadian release); or even Arbor Day, a Lifetime Original made-for-TV-movie.  Sprinkled throughout are a few impressionistic interpretations of unsung cities; not to say these places have never been mentioned in song, but certainly not over sung.  Please enjoy these soundtracks as they float through time, a sort of phantom foreshadowing of films that lay in waiting and cities that, after this release, might be a little less unsung.” – Page McConnell

Tea Leaf Green bassist Reed Mathis shared the news that he, drummer Gabe Jarrett (Jazz Mandolin Project, Vorcza) and guitarist Adam Zimmon (Shakira) make up Page’s band for album. He also mentions that producer/engineer John Siket of Siket Disc fame recorded and mixed the album.  Mathis went on to say, “We made some amazing music and had some amazing times.” Reed told us that Phish bassist Mike Gordon was kind enough to lend him a pair of basses which he used for the project instead of his main instrument. We look forward to hearing what looks to be a most interesting release. Be sure to keep your eyes on Wax Vinyl for everything you need to know about what to expect on Record Store Day 2013.

Euro Phish fan @YomeNetSan advises us that four of the tracks from the new LP were first issued in 2010 on a promo CD titled Page McConnell Film & TV Sampler. From the looks of the photos, it appears the CD was distributed by music licensing firm Music For The Masses and includes an instrumental version of a McConnell-penned song Phish has performed in the past, Halfway To The Moon, as well as a track called Ode School which isn’t on Unsung Cities and Movies Never Made.

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  1. any information on the performer credits for this album? This has the potential to be *huge*, but I still don’t know what “kind” of music it is… ie: a rock format with g/b/d/p, ambient soundscape washes, string quartet/chamber music, etc.

    1. Nope, but I’d be surprised if they don’t release it digitally after Record Store Day. Probably just want to make it more special by only having it available on vinyl at first.

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