Squaw Valley ’91: Bela Fleck With Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

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Just two months before his tragic death concert promoter Bill Graham’s Bill Graham Presents outfit teamed up with the Squaw Valley Ski Corporation to throw a two-day festival at Gold Coast Concert Bowl in Squaw Valley, California on August 24 and 25, 1991 called the Squaw Valley Summer Music Festival. Among the acts on the impressive bill were the Jerry Garcia Band, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, David Grisman, Tower of Power, Booker T. and the MGs, The Neville Brothers and Jimmy Cliff. Garcia performed with the JGB on the 24th and with David Grisman on the 25th.

The Garcia & Grisman set started at the extremely early time of 1PM and the pair’s band featured Jim Kerwin on bass and Joe Craven on violin and percussion. For the encore, the quartet was joined by Bela Fleck on banjo for Grisman’s Eat My Dust along with the Grateful Dead classic Ripple. Today, a video containing nearly 80 minutes of footage shot by a fan of some of the first set, the entire second set and the encore surfaced on YouTube thanks to VoodooNola2. Come for the amazing Fleck jams with Jerry and Grisman during the encore, but stay for the entire wonderful performance.

Garcia & Grisman – August 25, 1991

Partial Set 1: Friend Of The Devil, Two Soldiers, So What?

Set 2: Russian Lullaby, Dawg’s Waltz, Thrill Is Gone, Old Rocking Chair, Arabia,

Encore: Eat My Dust, Ripple – w/ Bela Fleck on banjo

[Setlist via The Jerry Site]

As an added bonus, we’ve shared audio of Bela Fleck performing Harder They Come with the Jerry Garcia Band at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California on August 5, 1990…

[Audio of Entire Show on bt.etree.org]

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5 thoughts on “Squaw Valley ’91: Bela Fleck With Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

  1. Rob Turner Reply

    The tapers STILL talk about the frustrating wind on that day. Historic set nonetheless. So What is brilliant. David and Jerry re-experiencing their musical kismit.

    Bela and Jerry did not share the stage many times…..possibly only one other time and I believe that was with the electric Garcia Band. And here they do Eat My Dust, another rarity from a Garcia perspective.

  2. Voodoonola Reply

    The reason for the early show was because they wanted to avoid the peak wind time late in the day. They were supposed to close the festival, but after experiencing the wind during the evening sets of JGB the previous day, they switched slots and the Nevilles closed instead. It was an amazing weekend that I’ll never forget. They let people in for free if they hiked up the mountain trail to get to the stage area.

    • mccosmic Reply

      Made that hike. Well worth it.

  3. Jd1975 Reply

    Forget what book it was but it had some pics of the festival and it looked like such a cool and beautiful place for a concert. Such good shows taboot great to be able to see video of it

  4. derekj Reply

    The Neville Brothers’ closing set was incredible. All the music was amazing. A really good weekend all around. Lots of great memories from that one.

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