Stormy Mondays: moe.jams 2013

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a moe.jams edition of Stormy Mondays, but a recent gig inspired me to offer up some double guitar rock. One of moe.’s great talents is the ability to turn out what are essentially a classic album’s worth of music within a suite: 30-45 minute jams that act as complete pieces. There’s just something in the group’s pacing that allows for these perfectly digestible nuggets to shine time and again, and on a good night, they’ll play three or four such episodes. A recent case comes from the end of the first set on the second night of early February’s two night stand in NYC. (Special thanks to New York based taper Scott Bernstein, whose recording is featured here.)

[Photo by Alexandra Valenti]

The suite starts with a hot Smoke that opens up more than usual at the end for a driving jam and slowly morphs into the classic pairing of Not Coming Down > Wormwood, with the instrumental tune wandering and drifting and moving into some very cool spaces before landing in a bombastic Moth to close. A tight, engaging chunk of moe. for your Monday, so as always, enjoy!

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  1. Dan,

    First, thanks for these SM playlists. Always a sure bet on some good tunes, new or old, so again, thank you. Secondly, I was wondering where to find some of the older SMs. Many of the playlists from older years look very enticing, but the majority of the past links are all dead. Is there any other place to find them? I’d love to be able to download all the old SM, but it currently seems like that is impossible.



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