Fionn Regan: The End of History

Singer-songwriter Fionn Regan has a sweet, sincere style that isn’t overtly British folk but has just enough of that emotional feel on The End of History from the tender opener “Be Good Or Be Gone” to the playful finger-picking of “The Underwood Typewriter.”

Fans of Josh Ritter and Ron Sexsmith will lap the compositions from this 26 year old, but admirers of Ryan Adams could find no fault with the simple and poignant “Hey Rabbit.” Although hardly a challenging listen, the songs speak for themselves, with perhaps the highlight being “Black Water Child” that chugs along like a classic troubadour number.  “The Cowshed” is another charming little jewel and “Snowy Atlas Mountains” could have come straight from Springsteen’s Nebraska. This End of History is told splendidly with little other than voice, acoustic guitar and piano

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