One of Allman Brothers Most Frequent Guests To Return Tonight

We want to point your attention to John Popper’s Twitter feed @blues_traveler, where the Traveler front man has revealed that he will sit in with the Allman Brothers Band tonight at their fourth of 11 shows that make up this year’s March Madness Run.

Popper has sat in with the Allman Brothers Band a ridiculous 31 times since making his first appearance with the legendary band at Jones Beach on August 31, 1990. For a non-family member that has to be a record. The harmonica player has performed One Way Out with the Brothers 14 times and Statesboro Blues 13 times. His Beacon guest spots have been more diverse with Popper having sat in on In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, You Don’t Love Me, The Same Thing and other tunes over the years. Last year, the Blues Traveler front man actually got the lead the Allmans through one of his own tunes – Alone.

With the Allmans debuting covers left and right this March Madness Run, we hope they have an interesting song or three picked out for Popper. What do you think they’ll play with him?

UPDATE: Commenter REL left a comment shortly after we posted our article with word of more guests who are expected to sit in tonight. Read THIS TWEET to find out who.

We’ve compiled a list of ALL John Popper sit ins with the Allman Brothers Band…

August 31, 1990 @ Jones Beach – One Way Out


June 30, 1992 @ Starlight Theater – Statesboro Blues
July 15, 1992 @ Desert Sky Pavilion – Statesboro Blues
July 18, 1992 @ Santa Barbara County Bowl – Statesboro Blues
July 25, 1992 @ Cal Expo – Statesboro Blues
July 30, 1992 @ Civic Auditorium – Statesboro Blues
July 31, 1992 @ Plaza of Champions – Statesboro Blues
August 1, 1992 @ Chateau St. Michele – Statesboro Blues
August 23, 1992 @ Veterans Memorial Coliseum – Statesboro Blues
May 29, 1993 @ Laguna Seca Raceway – Statesboro Blues
July 31, 1993 @ Stowe PAC – Statesboro Blues, Stormy Monday, You Don’t Love Me, Temptation Is A Gun, Southbound, Just Before The Bullets Fly, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed


April 22, 1994 @ Mississippi State University – One Way Out
May 22, 1994 @ Warfield Theater – One Way Out, Southbound, Stormy Monday
July 13, 1994 @ Shooters – Crossroads
July 16, 1994 @ Val du Lakes – One Way Out
July 19, 1994 @ Starwood – One Way Out
July 21, 1994 @ Pine Knob – One Way Out
July 22, 1994 @ World Music Theatre – One Way Out
July 23, 1994 @ Riverport Ampitheatre – One Way Out
July 27, 1994 @ Santa Fe Downs – One Way Out
August 16, 1994 @ Garden State Arts Center – One Way Out
August 20, 1994 @ Darien Lake – One Way Out
March 15, 1996 @ Beacon Theatre – Southbound, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, I Know I Oughta Leave, One Way Out
July 3, 2000 @ Red Rocks – Statesboro Blues
December 21, 2000 @ Thomas Wolfe Auditorium – Statesboro Blues, One Way Out
March 23, 2001 @ Beacon Theatre – You Don’t Love Me, Stormy Monday, Jessica, Just Before The Bullets Fly, Southbound, Statesboro Blues
March 24, 2001 @ Beacon Theatre – The Same Thing, Southbound
April 16, 2005 @ Wanee Festival – You Don’t Love Me
March 24, 2009 @ Beacon Theatre – Southbound, The Same Thing, One Way Out


March 24, 2012 @ Beacon Theatre – Down Along The Cove, Franklin’s Tower
March 25, 2012 @ Beacon Theatre – Alone, That’s What Love Will Make You Do


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5 Responses

  1. Read that Joan Osborne will be sitting in as well via her Twitter account yesterday.

    Joan Osborne ‏@joan_osborne

    Just confirmed will be singing with Allman Bros. at Beacon tmrw night, Blind Boys of Alabama also joining the fray, so excited!

  2. Great list. One missing from the list is 07-24-1992 at Shoreline in Mountain View, CA. I know this one for sure because I was there!!

      1. I know… I checked there (and elsewhere on the Internet) and can’t find confirmation. And even though I was probably very inebriated, I know it happened. I even wrote it on the back of my stub! Oh well…

  3. I was at the 8/23/92 at the New Haven Coliseum Allman Brothers show when Popper came out.

    Earlier that day, my friends and I were in downtown New Haven enjoying a street festival(Miller Beer fest??). Popper was playing with a local band on a side stage and we got to talk to him after.

    We mentioned the Allmans being in town and he played it off like he had no idea. We talked about him playing with them and he made it seem like he had no idea about it. Of course he joined the Allmans later that night and we all got a good kick out of it.

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