You Can Own One of Jerry Garcia’s MU-TRON Pedals

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An interesting listing went up on eBay recently that we think a number of our readers will be interested in. An eBay user who goes by the name “maestrohealy,” which is how longtime Grateful Dead sound engineer Dan Healy referred to himself on occasion such as in the liner notes of Two From The Vault, has put a pair of effect pedals allegedly owned by Jerry Garcia up for sale.

Along with a 1967 Boss Tone distortion pedal, Maestrohealy is selling an effect that was a trademark of Garcia’s sound – a MU-TRON III pedal. The MU-TRON adds an autowah effect which Jer utilized in such songs as Estimated Prophet and the disco versions of Dancing In The Streets. He also used the pedal on Fire On The Mountain, Feel Like A Stranger and Shakedown Street.

Here’s the description of the item up for bid…

This Mu-Tron III pedal belonged to Jerry Garcia.  It was one of two he had that he used both on stage and in the studio.  The white China marker grease pencil marks are his settings he made in the studio using the marker he snitched from the tape recorder where it was used to mark splice marks on the tape.  This is an authentic item and the real deal.  We have all heard the hours of improvisation he created with the sound of this baby!   Guitar players; this is a chance to get a piece of equipment that belonged to the master.  This unit comes with a letter of authenticity on GD stationary, signed by Maestro Healy.

There’s still eight days left in the auction and the price is already up to $1,630.55.

[Hat Tip – Papalou]

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9 thoughts on “You Can Own One of Jerry Garcia’s MU-TRON Pedals

  1. Roose Reply

    too bad they never built that museum they were talking about, shame this would go into a private collection

  2. Scott Bernstein Reply

    Hopefully the band has the other MU-TRON that “maestrohealy” refers to

  3. Tom Gruber Reply

    Supposedly some billionaire bought the guitar Jerry played at the Warlocks shows in’89– he was able to buy it b/c the Dead lost their claim of ownership to Jerry’s last wife. Hope he’s doing more with it than showing it off once in a while. I think it’s wicked cool how Brent’s whole rig was set up at TRI for Jerry’s 70th B-DAY Celebration & hope to see more along those lines. Nothing against Maestro meant by that…

    • Deepellum Reply

      It’s the guy who owns the Indianapolis colts who bought Jerry’s axe.

    • Deepellum Reply

      The guy who owns the Indianapolis colts who bought Jerry’s axe.

  4. Jeff Lordan Reply

    I know Kimock was given one by Jerry, when I held it, it even had the $60 price tag on it. Not sure if that’s the other one referred to though.

  5. swampyfool Reply

    Man, I can still hear that thing as Jerry would click it on and start to noodle around with the Stranger intro to open up a show. #lovethatfeeling

  6. tahcofan Reply

    Did u see that 1950s RCA amp from jones beach that mastrohealy is selling? Totally awesome!!! As for Jerry’s pedals, pretty cool! But not as collectible as a guitar. I have seen one on eBay before, it just wasn’t owned by Garcia. Saw one of Gilmours pedals on eBay too a while ago. The rotovibe I think it was. Would take a lot more than a pedal to sound like those guys! Cheers

  7. Mike Mu-Tron Reply


    Please see
    Mike Mu-Tron on Facebook
    or for directions to the NEW WEBSITE that gives specifications, photos and ordering informations for THE ORIGINAL MU MOJO plus some extra goodies. I promise. Mike

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