Friday Leftovers: Post-Turkey Edition

The Friday after Thanksgiving is all about the leftovers, and today is no exception. If you’re part of the 99 percent of people that are off from work or school today, be thankful. No, I’m totally not bitter I’m working today.

  • Bob Doran interviews Trey Anastasio for the North Coast Journal (I bet he didn’t have to pay $35) and provides some outtakes as well
  • Jeff Sipe talks about the when-it-rains-it-pours lifestyle of a musician
  • Jambands presents The Doors of Perception with Ben Fong-Torres of Almost Famous “mojo” fame
  • For the lighting nerds around here, check out this feature on current Widespread Panic lighting director Candace Brightman
  • Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin talks about the new Pumpkins album. “Eight guitars resonating in one big harmonic handshake,” sounds good to me!
  • A couple articles honor the 30th Anniversary of The Last Waltz. I’m not sure, but something tells me Ace Cowboy reeeeaaaally likes this move. As the articles indicate, Levon Helm doesn’t quite share Ace’s enthusiam
  • Bonnie Raitt sits in with the Rolling Stones as the band finally finishes the US leg of its Bigger Bang Tour. I used to feel the Stones will play for however long the money is on the table, but with canceled gigs, members leaving, and guitarists falling out of trees, this could be the last tour
  • Hits From The Blog clues us in to Coachella dates as well as a new country/bluegrass festival the following weekend
  • Tom Waits sits down with NPR for a quick chat
  • Steve Kimock and Bobby Vega will reunite

Now go ahead and re-heat the the real thing…that stuffing’s calling.

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