Phil Lesh Visits TRI Studios For Memorable Weir Here

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Phil Lesh made his first appearance on Bob Weir’s Weir Here talk show one to remember last night at TRI Studios. Lesh emerged halfway through a version of Sugar Magnolia featuring Weir on acoustic guitar that kicked off the show and stuck around for nearly an hour and a half of the two hour show before departing for his own venue.

Following Sugar Magnolia, the Grateful Dead / Furthur band mates offered impressive duo versions of Cosmic Charlie and Loose Lucy before bringing out multi-instrumentalist Jason Crosby for a passionate take on Jack Straw. Then, Weir headed over to his desk, which is the same style as other talk show hosts like Jay Leno and David Letterman, where he was joined by Lesh, Grateful Dead roadie Steve Parish and the Dead’s legacy manager David Lemieux for an incredibly engaging storytelling session about the late Ron “Pigpen” McKernan. It’s not often we get to see Weir and Lesh just trading tales and they both seemed to hold nothing back frankly discussing drug and alcohol usage.

After more than 20 wonderful minutes of stories about Pigpen, Weir and Lesh headed back to their instruments for a second segment of music. The two were joined by Crosby and Furthur drummer Joe Russo for a three-song stretch that included an interesting arrangement of Operator, Lazy River Road sung by Crosby and a Playing In The Band that alternated between laidback and intense. A second round at Bobby’s desk didn’t go quite as well, but featured a hilarious discussion about turning the Grateful Dead into a religion. Weir was set to close out his show when musician Cass McCombs made his way to the performance set, so Bobby decided to give the webcast audience an additional number even though Lesh had departed for Terrapin Crossroads. The versatile Crosby picked up the bass and accompanied Weir, Russo and McCombs on a Friend Of The Devil that closed out the broadcast.

Bob Weir and Phil Lesh: Sugar Magnolia, Cosmic Charlie, Loose Lucy
Bob Weir, Phil Lesh and Jason Crosby: Jack Straw
Pigpen Discussion
Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Jason Crosby and Joe Russo: Operator, Lazy River Road, Playing In The Band
Religion Discussion
Cass McCombs, Jason Crosby, Bob Weir and Joe Russo: Friend Of The Devil


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6 thoughts on “Phil Lesh Visits TRI Studios For Memorable Weir Here

  1. Bill Reply

    Loose Lucky? hehe Where is Lucy? I know, I know, in the sky with diamonds.

  2. Papa Reply

    ” I lived in the room next to Pig and when Janis came over, lets just say I didnt get much sleep”

  3. happycat! | (~);} Reply

    I was hanging at TRI yesterday, and then went to Terrapin. Phil was there to see his boys play (Terrapin Family Band) though he did not join in.

  4. Dean Reply

    Gold…..This is gold!

  5. beachgal Reply

    Seemed to be one high flying webbie group in attendance. Phil’s presence was much appreciated – but for me, the highs come with Jason Crosby playing in – wow – he is so talented!

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