Video: Trey Anastasio Talks Phish and Phish Fans

This past Sunday CBS Sunday Morning aired a profile on Phish front man Trey Anastasio that focused on his participation in Hands On A Hard Body. The program just posted a web extra that features Anastasio talking to correspondent Anthony Mason about Phish and Phish fans.

Anastasio discusses the “S Show,” his “persnickety fans” and how much fun he’s having…

CBS also posted another interesting “web extra” where Anastasio discusses Phish’s 2004 breakup…

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7 Responses

  1. What’s funny is he left out that people figured out they could play 2 or 3 more shows filled with “S” songs. “persnickety fans” doesn’t fully sum it up but maybe we shouldn’t scare America too much.

  2. I could seriously listen to him talk all day. There seems to be more footage, maybe more will be released.

  3. Loving how every single phish head is eating this up, just wishing we could have more, more, more. Trey simply is a decent good human being. and if he wants to be persnikedy (sp?) he should be, too!

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