Rock & Dance Added To Jim James’ Bonnaroo SuperJam

One of the more intriguing bits on last month’s Bonnaroo 2013 lineup announcement dealt with this year’s SuperJams. First off, there will be at least two SuperJams on “the farm” in June. Actor/musician Ed Helms of The Office will host a tent called “Bluegrass Situation.” As part of his duties, Helms will also curate a bluegrass SuperJam with “special guests.” Also, Jim James will front what was originally billed as a “Soul SuperJam” that will feature the My Morning Jacket singer/guitarist performing with John Oates of Hall & Oates, drummer Zigaboo Modeliste of The Meters and Preservation Hall Jazz Band. There’s been a slight change in verbiage to the James’ led SuperJam which we found interesting and thought you might as well.

If you look at the page with the 2013 lineup on it, you’ll notice the name of the SuperJam has changed. What was originally the “Soul SuperJam” is now “Rock N’ Soul Dance Party SuperJam.” Does that mean one or more of the famous rockers on the ‘roo bill will join Jim James, Zigaboo and Pres Hall? Can we expect a few dance and rock classics blended in among soul songs?

Here’s what we know: according to Modeliste’s website this SuperJam is set to take place on Saturday of Bonnaroo Weekend. Also, when The Tennessean posted about the Jim James SuperJam here’s what they had to say…

Part-time Nashvillian John Oates will be part of a “Superjam” with Jim James of southern rockers My Morning Jacket. James is planning a late-night jam inspired by classic soul music revues, according to Oates, who said that was “right up my alley.”

“I think it’s an ‘Only at Bonnaroo (event)’” he said. “It’s one of those things where it has to be the perfect storm of musicality and personal relationships.”

Oates said he was excited to head to Bonnaroo, particularly after hearing raves from Hall & Oates bandmate Daryl Hall, who performed there in 2010.

“All I know is it’s going to be late at night, and that means it’s going to be pretty nuts, and I’m into nuts.”

So it does indeed look like the Jim James/John Oates/Zigaboo Modeliste/Preservation Hall Jazz Band SuperJam will take place late at night and was inspired by “classic soul music revues.” Does the name change mean anything? Only time will tell, but if we’ve learned anything from watching Bonnaroo organizers Superfly and AC Entertainment operate, it’s that they are very deliberate. There was a reason they added “rock” and “dance party” and we can’t wait to find out why.


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