Trey Anastasio – Phish To Start New Album “Tomorrow”

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The new Broadway musical Hands On A Hard Body officially opens tonight after weeks of previews. To promote the premiere, HoaHB’s creative team of Trey Anastasio, Amanda Green and Doug Wright visited MSNBC’s Morning Joe. While most of the discussion focused on the musical, John Heilemann asked a question that many Phish fans have pondered – when will Phish start recording a new album?

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Anastasio’s off-the-cuff response was “tomorrow.” In many interviews about the musical Trey has talked about how much work he put into Hands On A Hard Body throughout the multiple year process that led to tonight’s opening. Even as the musical was in previews, both Anastasio and Green have worked hard getting the song order down and have even added a tune in recent weeks. Now that the musical is set, it appears Anastasio is ready to turn his focus back on to Phish.

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Whether he was being flip in saying “tomorrow” isn’t known, but it does appear the quartet will enter the studio shortly. We’re hopeful that Phish will have plenty of new material by the time they kick off their summer tour on July 3rd. Watch the entire interview…

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15 thoughts on “Trey Anastasio – Phish To Start New Album “Tomorrow”

  1. bryontreece Reply

    Great to hear!

  2. Scott Gray Reply

    Do your homework MSNBC, last phish album wasn’t that long ago

    • Chrissall Reply

      5 years is a long time. Do YOUR homework

      • jonny Reply

        its been 3 1/2 years. thats not that long ago…

  3. Rick Reply

    hahah these guys are rippin’ on everything phish

  4. Eddie W. Reply

    haha… the morning is nighttime for all Phish fans because we are all loser burnouts… good job MSNBC host

    • adam Reply

      Speak for yourself.

  5. Eric Silverman Reply

    “how many pharmaceuticals were you on when you thought of this idea?”

    Wow. Not a great joke in front of Trey

  6. TimberCarini Reply

    The Rock and Roll outro with Page singing is great.

    Should have gone Tube though.

  7. OceDoc Reply

    fu@king MSNBC tools…

  8. Boom Tube Reply

    Are you serious MSNBC? Way to make yourselves look like complete assholes. How is Morning Joe even on the air anymore? The guy is bag of fucking wrenches.

  9. Mitch Reply

    Trey sounded like the most intelligent person on the stage. He certainly sounded much more well spoken than the two hosts. They had no idea what to say when he brought up that jazz was used in musical theater in the past.

  10. zak Reply

    Felt a bit bad for Trey doing this show that I bought a $49 (really $60) to see this thing next week. Happy to support Trey. Weird how this interview ended up all about Trey. Totally agree that Trey was the most intelligent guy in the room, didn’t expect much from the hosts, but Green and Wright, oh man. Plus you can tell Trey hasn’t yet fully developed standard promotional interview replies, he always willing to engage in a discussion.

  11. CJ Reply

    Have to agree with Eric, the pharmaceuticals comment (especially, right of the bat) was a little cringe inducing.

  12. Phil Reply

    Good thing the camera cut away before Trey got up revealing a burrito stuck to his ass.

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