Jam Cruise 12 – New Dates, Departure Port and Ship Revealed

After four years aboard the MSC Poesia, the next Jam Cruise will take place on a different boat: the larger MSC Divinia. And the boat won’t be the only thing that’s different about Jam Cruise 12 as event organizers Cloud 9 Adventures have also revealed that the Divinia will leave from Miami instead of Jam Cruise’s usual departure port of Ft. Lauderdale.

Also of note, Jam Cruise 12 will depart a little earlier in the year than the last few trips as it’s scheduled to depart Miami on January 4th and will return on the 9th. The MSC Divinia holds 3,959 passengers, an increase from the Poesia which holds between 2,550 and 3,605 passengers depending on the setup. However, Cloud 9 aims to “limit the capacity and maintain the intimacy that you know and love.” Look for the initial Jam Cruise 12 lineup to drop on May 1st.

You can currently pre-book a spot aboard Jam Cruise 12 through the event’s website.

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  1. “Cloud 9 aims to ‘limit the capacity and maintain the intimacy that you know and love.'”

    Does anyone believe that bullshit? Why get a bigger boat if you’re not planning on filling it with more people?

    1. i’m not the biggest fan of the change, but to be fair, MSC only has one ship in the caribbean at a time. so it was either change cruise lines (after 8 years with MSC) or go with the bigger boat.

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