Full Show Friday: Rage Against The Machine @ E Factory ’96

Last month we hipped you to a Rage Against The Machine video showing the band in their early stages before they recorded a self-titled debut that brought the group both commercial and critical success. For today’s Full Show Friday, we fast-forward the clock four years from that early clip and bring you 85 hard-nosed minutes of rap metal from Rage Against The Machine’s August 13th, 1996 performance at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Zac, Tim, Brad and Tom had just released their second album, Evil Empire, a few months earlier and mixed some of the amazing tracks from that album such as Bulls On Parade, Vietnow and People Of The Sun with the songs such as Freedom, Bombtrack and Killing In The Name from the first Rage album that put them on the map. This footage seems to be shot by a fan, but the quality is most excellent and it’s well worth the watch. Take a look…

Rage Against The Machine @ Electric Factory – 8/13/96

Set: Know Your Enemy, Bulls on Parade, Vietnow, Without a Face, Fistful of Steel, Snakecharmer, Bombtrack, Down Rodeo, Bullet in The Head, People of the Sun, Killing in the Name, Wind Below, Free Mumia Jams, Freedom

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