Cover Alert: moe. – Good Guys and Bad Guys

There was once a time when moe. played as many five minute songs as they did 15 minute jammers. When the band was first starting up, there was a raw element to their sound that was as influenced by the likes of Jane’s Addiction as it was by the Grateful Dead. One band the members of moe. bonded over in the Albany house they called home in the mid ’90s was Camper Van Beethoven. In 1995 moe. started covering the opening track from CVB’s 1986 self-titled album – Good Guys and Bad Guys.

For nearly a year Good Guys and Bad Guys was a staple of moe.’s live show as the group played it 21 times in 1995 and then seven more times in the first half of 1996. After that Good Guys and Bad Guys became a rarity as it only showed up once in 1997, three times in 1998, five times in 1999, six times between 2000 and 2004 and only twice since. This morning moe. dusted off the Camper Van Beethoven cover during their acoustic VIP Brunch set at Killington’s Wobbly Barn as part of Snoe.down.

Thanks for the efforts of Taylor C. we can listen to the bust out just hours later…

Let’s look back at a version of Good Guys and Bad Guys featuring members of Cracker including Camper Van Beethoven’s David Lowery, the man who originally sang the song, from Langerado ’04…

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