Technology Tuesday: Tylt Capio Universal Car Mount

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It is frustrating finding the perfect car mount for my phone. I’ve been through a bunch of them in the last couple of years and there’s always been a trade-off. Either, I buy a mount specifically meant for my phone which will cost way too much and be obsolete in six months when I inevitably get a new phone. Or, I buy a universal one that doesn’t quite fit the phone perfectly and is a hassle to use.

I finally found Tylt’s “Capio” universal car mount and I couldn’t be happier. It works with practically any phone, is reasonably priced and couldn’t be easier or quicker to use. I am constantly in and out of rental cars and do a ton of driving. The Capio has been a a Godsend with powerful suction and adhesion to any car surface that I have tried it on keeping my phone handy for navigation, speaker phone calls and music streaming. Read on to learn about this cool car mount and how to win one!

I like this mount for a few reasons. So many of the mounts that I used have crappy suction and a difficult time adhering to different surfaces – especially roughly textured plastics and other non-glass surfaces. This suction will easily stick not only to your windshield but to just about any other surface you try. I’ve been in and out of a bunch of rental cars with the Capio and have never had an issue sticking it exactly where I want it.

The cool thing about the Capio though is the sticky surface of the phone cradle. It adheres to the back of your phone with a simple press and then releases easily when you want it to. It makes getting your phone on and off incredibly fast without having to fit into cradles, slots, arms or other types of mounts. The adhesive of course leaves no residue or stickiness on your phone. It’s the same adhesive that’s used on the Capta that I reviewed last year. If it starts to lose its stickiness, simply wash with clean water and let it air dry and it’ll be good as new.

The Capio has a ball joint at its neck that can swivel to either portrait or landscape orientation. It is real easy to swivel and twist to just the perfect angle for you and your car and lock it into place. I’ve used this primarily with my Galaxy SIII but have also tested it with an LG Nexus 4 and an iPhone 4. In all three cases the Capio kept a great grip on the phone. I never had an issue with the weight of the phone being too much for the pad to hold it securely. However, the device does come with optional support arms that clip onto to the faceplate that can help hold heavier phones. Perhaps people with really heavy protective cases on their phones would have to use these.

There’s not much else to say about a simple device like this. It just works and mounts on both horizontal or vertical surfaces and holds just about any phone extremely well.

Need a great car mount for your car? Simply leave a comment here and we’ll pick one random winner next week. Tune in next Tuesday for an amazing gadget to help bring music to your car.

Tylt Capio Mount

$29.99 direct from Tylt

$29.99 Brookstone


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16 thoughts on “Technology Tuesday: Tylt Capio Universal Car Mount

  1. Eddie W. Reply

    I’ve been looking for a good one. Hopefully I win so I don’t have to buy it myself.

  2. Pierce Reply

    Nice review, Parker. I enjoy this column every week!

  3. Dupree33 Reply

    Love your column, Parker. Thanks!

  4. Bryan Sheehan Reply

    Nice. I pucked up a pair of Monoprice headphones after ur review. I was very happy. Awesome headphones. Great website.

  5. Aweiss Reply

    I love gadgets. Looking into my cup holder to find which version of Ghost came up on shuffle is annoying while driving

  6. Greg Z Reply

    I have been needing a mount! I love your column Parker! I bought both Monoprice headphones and the Supertooth Disco. Spot on, clear and conscise reviews! Thank you!

  7. Harold Reply

    Hi Parker, do you know if this works with a case on or not ? Thanks for the Tech Tues I too have purchased the mono price headphones…not bad at all :0)

  8. Neddy Reply

    Very cool. Could definitely use one of these in the ole Nedmobile.

  9. Parker Harrington Reply

    Hey Harold-
    I tested with a form fitting case with an iPhone 4 and the Nexus 4. I didn’t have a big, bulky case like an Otter Box. I’d imagine a larger phone, like a Note, or a phone with a heavy case might need the additional support arms. (which I guess defeats most of the utility of this particular mount). I think you’ll be fine with most phones and case combos.

    Good luck!

  10. Ken McKean Reply

    Would like a good holder. Does it provide easy USB and headphone jack access?

  11. Scott Reply

    Looks pretty cool Parker – thanks for the chance to win it as well!

  12. Andrew Royne Reply

    Yet another cool item that I will be buying if I don’t win.

  13. Steve D. Reply

    I want!

  14. coach Reply

    thanks for the rec, Parker. i’m heading out of town in a couple of days and was looking for a good mount to use in the rental car. picked up one of these as i’ve come to really trust your recommendations. thanks once again!

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