Exclusive Audio Premiere: Tauk – Dead Signal

Last year both myself and HT contributing editor Ryan Dembinsky stumbled upon the music of rock fusion act Tauk independently of each other and we each offered our raves about the instrumental quartet’s inventive sound and relentless live show. In Ryan’s interview with Tauk’s Charlie Dolan that we ran last fall the bassist broke the news that Tauk was entering the studio with producer/engineer Robert Carranza (Mars Volta, Jack Johnson) to begin work on their first entirely instrumental full-length album. The result of those sessions, the 10-track Homunculus, is set for a April 30th release.

We’re excited to premiere the first single off Homunculus this afternoon – Dead Signal. This song starts off innocently enough like the soundtrack to a spaghetti western before the bass and drums come in. Within 45 seconds the quartet is locked into a silky groove with a futuristic-sounding melody. We love prog-heavy acts that can “swing” and Tauk fits that billing to a T. Check out the debut of Dead Signal…

Tauk will celebrate the release of Homunculus on April 24th at Sullivan Hall in NYC.

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  1. Tauk taught me the lesson of NEVER skipping the opener at a high-profile gig. They were opening for Marco at Red Square in Albany, maybe like… about exactly 1 year ago. Never heard the name before, got there early.

    After a few songs, I knew they had something. Then they dropped their cover of “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”. Literally, I have never seen people freak the fuck out like that in a club. It was incredible. Mastery.

    They were giving away copies of “Pull Factors” for free at the show; I grabbed a few for my friends, along with a ton of stickers I still have. “Home To Me” and “Stepwise” is probably the best opening sequence of an album since “Fee”->”YEM” off of Junta, imo.

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