Buddy Miles Meets and Performs With Phish at Madison Square Garden in Amazing Six-Part Video Sequence

I was blown away this morning when I was doing my daily search of Phish videos on YouTube and came across a series of mind-blowing videos uploaded (and shot by?) Lawrence Blumenstein in which the cameraman shadows legendary drummer Buddy Miles as he meets and then performs with Phish at Madison Square Garden on October 22, 1996. All in all there are six clips of differing lengths that any Phish fan is going to absolutely love featuring unbelievable backstage footage.

In the first part we see Phish’s manager at the time, John Paluska, rapping with Buddy Miles about Trey’s love of Hendrix and how Buddy came to work with Jimi while in the background you can hear Phish playing It’s Ice for the MSG faithful. In the second part we see Buddy heading towards the stage and then talking with the band during the setbreak and discussing the song selection. For the third part, we see Jon Fishman talk about how much meeting with Miles means to him and we see Buddy pitching Trey on a hip-hop version of All Along The Watchtower.

Part Four brings us into Phish’s backstage practice room where Buddy is teaching Phish and Merl his version of Watchtower. This is the real gem of the series as we get an intimate look at Phish jamming with their heroes and the Watchtower they lay down backstage is almost better than the one they delivered on stage. Then, Part Five puts us right on the tip of the stage for an interesting view of the performance itself that differs greatly from the clip that was unearthed back in December. Finally, as if these videos weren’t incredible enough, Part Six takes us backstage for a heartfelt discussion between Buddy Miles and Trey and Mike. I’ll tell you, in the six years I’ve been doing this I’ve come across some amazing gems people have shared on YouTube, but these videos right here might take the cake. Enough from me, clear out about a half an hour and check out this video playlist…

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  1. Don’t forget to mention Merl Saunders walking up out of nowhere in part 2, and jamming with them backstage in part 4 too.

  2. Very nice. A friend just alereted me to this & I will watch tonight. Those were fun (& almost underated) shows. The Yankees were in the World Series & NYC was on fire that week. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anyone know if this was included in some sort of documentary on Buddy in the mid-late 90’s? Seems like it was his crew that was following him around?

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