Umphrey’s McGee Unveils UMBowl IV Ballots – Stream Raw Stewage 2013 Snippets and See All Request Options

Umphrey’s McGee interactive UM Bowl concert returns to Chicago’s Park West on April 26th and today attendees received their ballots for the Raw Stewage first quarter and the All Request+ second quarter. The Raw Sewage quarter will feature pieces of previously performed improvs selected by fans from a list of 30 choices weaved together by the band, while the All Request+ quarter will see the sextet perform rare or never-played originals and covers as voted on by attendees.

The band has shared snippets of all 30 previously performed improvs that are on the ballot for the Raw Stewage quarter. You can listen to the snippets here and buy the Raw Stewage 2013 compilation for $13 which gets you over eight hours of music…

Among the 40+ options on the ballot for the All Request+ quarter are many “special teams” selections which feature solo, duo, trio and quartet options. Cantina Band (John Williams), Bubblehouse (MMW), Echoes (Pink Floyd) and Porch (Pearl Jam) are among the cover choices, while original selections include rarities Memories of Home, Rocco, Mamu and Bullhead City. Special Team options such as Joel Cummins Solo Orfeo, Angular Momentum (from Live at the Murat – Jake and Kris) and UM Trio featuring Jake Cinninger on drums are spread through the ballot. UM even gave fans the option of having the band perform a song from Beck’s Songreader book of music.

Check out the entire All Request+ Ballot…

[Click On Image For Full-Size]

Voting is only open to those attending the UM Bowl IV.

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