Rolling Stones Poised To Announce World Tour on Wednesday – What We Know About What The Band Will Reveal

It’s no secret that The Rolling Stones are gearing up for a world tour. The band can’t make a move without a news outlet reporting on it, so the whole world knew the Stones had signed a pact with AEG Live to promote a series of upcoming shows shortly after they did so. The question then turned to where and when the Stones will perform and it looks like we’ll get our answer on Wednesday.

This past Friday The Rolling Stones updated their official website and social media outlets with postings stating “5 Days & Counting.” Yesterday, the same outlets sported images and notifications with “4 Days & Counting.” While math isn’t our thing it appears the band is counting down to Wednesday.

The Stones are using the hashtag “#StartMeUpWednesday” to promote the major announcement that seems to be coming on Wednesday and haven’t just stuck to the virtual world for this guerrilla marketing campaign. They’ve also paid for billboards and screens in Chicago and San Francisco to display the band’s iconic tongue logo and phrases from their songs that intimate an announcement is coming on Wednesday.

UPDATE: “Satisfaction” and teaser billboards showed up in Los Angeles… [video]

[via The Rolling Stones Facebook]

So what do we know about what the band will announce three days from now? Well, both Rolling Stone and Showbiz 411 agree that the tour will include 18 North American dates. The Stones’ official Facebook page and the @GRRRegory Twitter account both posted photos from the group’s famed Hyde Park concert in London that took place in 1969, which gives strength to the long-running rumor that Mick Jagger and Co. will perform there again this year. Furthermore, News.Com.AU reports that Wednesday’s announcement will include Australian dates. Also, if we presume that cities hosting billboards with ads for the tour announcement with host shows, the Stones will visit Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago as part of the tour. Finally, Rob Rossi, a writer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, tweeted his belief that The Rolling Stones will play Pittsburgh’s Consol Energy Center.

  • Cities w/ Tour Announcement Billboards: Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago
  • Cities w/ Reporters Saying The Stones Are Coming: Pittsburgh

Here’s a look at some of the #StartMeUpWednesday signage…

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