Faux The Archives Vol. 4 – A Phish Compilation

One of my favorite parts of Phish festivals are the From The Archives shows broadcast over each event’s radio station that feature amazing segments from the band’s archive. These programs, hosted by Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro, have been a staple of the group’s festivals since Clifford Ball. Last summer, I decided to put together a compilation of tracks I’d choose if I ever got to host an episode of From The Archives. I shared these choices with our pal KernelForbin who downloaded the segments from the Phish Spreadsheet and lovingly remastered them for the first installment of a series we’ve dubbed “Faux The Archives.” Today, we present Faux The Archives Volume 4.

[Graphic by Brian Levine]

We’ll debut Faux The Archives – Volume 4 in ThePhish room on Turntable.FM starting at 2PM ET this afternoon. Once we’ve finished running through the tracks, a download link will be posted here.

Our fourth installment kicks off with one of only two versions of Letter to Jimmy Page that wasn’t delivered in the middle of Alumni Blues. This second set opener from Jones Beach ’94 leads into a great David Bowie, complete with Jessica (Allman Bros.) jam. Next up we bring you the Phish debut of Sweet Virginia (Rolling Stones) from the band’s most recent show in New Orleans. Now that we’re warmed up we’ll dive into a twisted Down With Disease from Japan ’00 that approaches the 25-minute mark and a gorgeous, Type-II heavy Tweezer from Dayton ’95 that slyly segues into Makisupa Policeman. A What’s The Use? that was played as the sun set behind Great Woods in 1999 gives us a breather before we jump back in to an outstanding take on You Enjoy Myself from St. Louis ’93. Dude of Life helps out on a most interesting Mike’s Song from the quartet’s final show at The Front that leads into an I Am Hydrogen which finds Page McConnell utilizing a cheap Casio synth. The Mike’s Groove finishes with a highly underrated Weekapaug from Kansas City ’95. Finally, we end the compilation with the first and only Phish version of Rhinoceros by Smashing Pumpkins.

07/15/94 – Letter to Jimmy Page > David Bowie (19:36)
09/26/99 – Sweet Virginia (04:30)
06/10/00 – Down With Disease (24:13)
11/30/95 – Tweezer -> Makisupa Policeman (26:29)
07/12/99 – What’s The Use? (08:41)
04/14/93 – You Enjoy Myself -> Spooky Jam > You Enjoy Myself (24:53)
05/12/91 – Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen (09:03)
10/19/95 – Weekapaug Groove (13:11)
08/03/98 – Rhinoceros (06:43)

Total Time: 2h 17m
V0 MP3 @ 44.1KHz

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