Update On Dean Ween and Les Claypool Fishing Show

Earlier this year we reported on a reality show starring Les Claypool and Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo that will “fuse sportfishing with music and comedy.” It’s now been over two months since the news broke about the project, so we did a little digging to see where we’re at.

Early last month Deaner posted a report on his MickeysFishing.com site in which he reveals that he spent three days filming the pilot with Claypool in Fort Lauderdale…

From Austin I went to Fort Lauderdale, FL to do a week of charters, followed by three days of filming a pilot episode of a new fishing show with Les Claypool. We had some issues with bad weather but we did get some fishing in and shot some great footage of us hanging out on the boat jamming as well. Les is an avid fisherman and a great guy and I had a great time jamming with him, we hit a groove immediately and he is one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever played with.

We can’t wait to hear some of these on-boat jams between Claypool and Melchiondo.

SouthFlorida.com’s Go Guide went into specifics about where Les and Mickey fished, reporting that the pair were seen fishing in Pompano Beach’s Lake Santa Barbara and Dumbfounding Bay near Aventura.  The report goes on to say that Claypool and Melchiondo expect to film many episodes of the show in Fort Lauderdale, though they are still in the process of shopping it to “cable TV networks.” The bad weather Deaner mentioned on his website led to “intermittent battles with  sailfish and free-jumping kingfish, some mahi and jacks, plus an accidental snagging of a sea turtle (quickly released).”

What can we expect from the show? One Ween Forum user has shared his vision…

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  1. I actually have begun doing the same thing when I go fishing.

    I will bring my guitar along and play while i’m waiting. Can’t get more relaxing than that. Fishing, and playing music. One of the most peaceful and relaxing hobbies I know.

    Glad to see i’m not the only one that enjoys this blend of hobbies.

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